Margherita Landi


Margherita Landi is an Italian dancer and choreographer with a degree in ethno-anthropology.

Since 2011 she has been working as an independent arIst creaIng shows which focus on the relaIonship between dance and anthropology, developing an approach to choreography based on improvisaIon and cross-curricular research that connects poetry, dance and new technologies.

During her stay in Amsterdam she collaborated as a choreographer and dancer with internaIonal arIsts of the European scene (Iraqi Bodies, Makiko Ito, Alfredo Genovesi, KaIe Duck, Dance Elixir, MonoCollecIve).

She is acIvely parIcipaIng in “The pool” project by developing an elaborate study on improvisaIon and dance. In 2012 she introduced “Limen” in the ShopWalk fesIval context.

In 2013 she was selected for the “invenIons” project directed by Alessandro Sciarroni in the seZng of Biennale Danza. Among her projects: “Dance for Smartphone”, “Stop what you are doing”, “ImprovisaIon in dance as a liminal space”, “The world behind us”.

She comes from a classical educaIon background, graduaIng in 2002 at CeccheZ Classical Ballet, faculty of the ISTD.

She then focused on contemporary dance being taught by renowned subjects such as Company Blu, Simona Bucci, Giorgio Rossi, Roberto Castello, KaIe Duck e Julyen Hamilton.

Her studies were then evolved in London, at the contemporary dance center Laban. She has collaborated with young groups of independent dancers (Besecò, MonocollecIve and FuoriLuogo) developing studies and performances in the field of improvisaIon, merging instant composiIon with various disciplines such as juggling, pantomime and theater. She was among the arIsts who were selected for the 2010 “Urban Movements” contest 2010, partaking to the Tuscan group.

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