Margherita Landi


Physical work originates from the need to build trust towards the human being and the body, one’s own as well as others’.

The projects grow rooted on anthropological studies regarding the concepts of choice, percepIon and freedom.

The priority is given to challenging one’s percepIon through body trust, abandoning a canonical type of plan to create space for physical language and all of its experienIal background. Choices do not arise from a raIonal kind of source, they have physical and intuiIve provenience.

Therefore part of the process consists of searching, through specific training, for the sensiIvity and percepIveness necessary to gain abilty in being traversed by one’s surroundings.

Within the performaIve field I approached video making to be capable of documenIng unique moments, along with its unrepeatable variables.

I then broadcasted these videos through the social networks, so as to study the reacIons of the observing and commentaIng users.